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That which you seek is seeking you...

I have been coaxing and encouraging people to see the greatness I can so easily discern in them since I was a kid. I remember always being in the business of my friends and even adults who seemed to want something more, but not to believe they could have it. Even at times when I didn't believe in myself, I could always see the path for people I loved. And, hilariously, I loved EVERYBODY. 

In 2012, I formalized my work while running an Oakland non-profit. I lead a women's group made up of community members in life-transitions, and mentored about a dozen employees who were building the paths toward their life callings. In 2017, I had the great pleasure of coaching three Executives from large and radical community organization. Today, there are about 6 leaders on my roster consistently, and I train dozens of others in periodic workshops. 

My coaching practice is grounded in radical truth telling, allowing oneself to imagine living your big dream, and developing tools that work for your unique perspective on life. 

I absolutely love coaching. I love seeing people surprise themselves with their growth, with their ability to conquer skills that once felt out of reach, I celebrate when my cohort appreciates more of who they really are. 

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