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Dream Work is The Vibe

Dreamwork has been a calling for a long time. It took me time, spiritual exploration, connection with my best friends, and years of interpreting dreams for friends, family, and strangers for me to truly understand the magnitude of this practice. Like many Sacred practices, there's a place in it for everyone but it becomes sacred for those who choose to engage. 

Now, I can own the fact that I am a Dream Worker with a lot to share with the world about the messages, symbols, and guidance we encounter in our dreams. Being a Dream Worker for me connects to everything that we know and all the mysteries keep us guessing. By exploring our sleeping life, we get to connect some of the dots in the great mystery and exercise soul hacks for getting through life. 

In the very painful and grief laden year of 2020, I had the opportunity to offer several Dream Workshops to different communities. I offered my Black Folks Dreaming workshop through the Queer Healing and Arts Center in Oakland. I offered my Black Dream Harvest workshop through the ACLU and Honor Lives Lost as an offering on the last day of Black August. Giving to the community grounded me in a purpose while we united for globally for Black Lives and tried to keep everyone safe in a pandemic ravished the world. 

I am working on a book that explores Dream Work from the lens of a creative Black being from Oakland whose lineage traces back to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. 

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